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  1. You must post the question in your title. Post your own reply in the comments, not in the title if you have one also.

  2. AskReddit is for thought-provoking, discussion-inspiring questions. If your question can be answered by google, or in one word, it isn’t right for AskReddit.

  3. Please use the search in the sidebar. Somebody may have already posted your question!

  4. You are able to post self-posts only! (For other types of questions, see “other reddits” below.)

  5. Please don’t post poll-type questions.

  6. No yes/no answer questions. DAEs are yes/no answer questions. They don’t belong on AskReddit.

  7. If you see spam, report it!

  8. Posting any personal information will result in a ban. This includes linking to pictures hosted on Facebook as they can be linked back to an account.

  9. If you think your post has disappeared, do not hesitate to contact one of the mods, we’re happy to help.

  10. This sub reddit is not a replacement for local emergency services, legal consultation, medical consultation, missing persons inquiries, charity drives, or homework help. These types of posts will be removed.

  11. Soliciting for money is NOT ALLOWED. For this, please go to /r/Assistance

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  • Before posting, please read the subreddit rules in the sidebar. Also, you are advised to use the search feature to see if your question has already been asked. Remember that AskReddit is for thought-provoking, discussion-inspiring questions. The button is under the search bar. There are some great subreddits in the sidebar that may be more appropriate for your question. Non-compliance with the rules when posting a question, especially with the posting of any personal information, can and will result in a ban.

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