Stylus for a touch device? Think again!

So, I was trying to jot down some notes on my iPad. There was too much friction between my fingertip and the iPad, and the writings were rendered rather ugly. So, I sat thinking about how I could crack the problem. I looked up on a number of DIY styluses on the net. Essentially, it is a wire that is in contact with your hand. No way I was going to scratch my iPad with it. So I went in for a shower and stood thinking about the whole thing. My finger needed to touch the screen ( or be in contact with some electrical conductor), while at the same time there should not be too much friction between the contact point and the screen. And then it struck me!

So I wrapped my finger around my handkerchief and tried to scribble. It works like a charm! I could like keep writing continuously and comfortably. This works even better on a phone; the touch on my phone is not as great as my iPad, and using the swype keyboard was a joy. Playing fruit ninja is even better!

I have written this entire post on my tablet this way. I shot a video of myself scribbling with and without the cloth. Notice that it is much more flowing with the cloth. Here is the link.

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