Why Chrome OS will not be a hit

TechWhen Google came up with the proposition about their cloud OS, it created a lot of waves. As the days have gone by though, I am getting convinced that it will meet the same result as Google Wave did. The idea was bold. It was unlike any before. But then, what is really good about a cloud OS?

True it will be a minimal OS, which will not be resource heavy. But then, technology has evolved a lot since the early days of the computers, and prices are perpetually falling. My dad tells me that the first computer he used had a hard drive of 4 MB, and he would input data using punch cards. We have left those times far behind.

A major disadvantage of the cloud OS idea is that you need the Internet to use it.  It is a huge drawback. Probably the biggest one..It will certainly take out the idea from my mind about using a cloud OS. The advantages may be nullified by the fact that normal computers can use Cloud services too. I would rather have the best of both worlds.

As for the mobile devices, there already exists Android, and Meego, being developed by Nokia has the potential to be a huge success. It is like what Steve Jobs said about Netbooks: They are useless!

A lot of people will also not be comfortable with the fact that all their data will be stored in some arbitrary server in the anywhere on the planet. All in all, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages heavily. It will not be one of the Google products I personally will be looking forward to.

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