Ubuntu Netbook: A distraction free no-nonsense minimalist OS

TechI have been a Windows guy for a lot of time now. I had been running MS DOS from the days I had a Green and Black monochrome monitor, and Windows 95 was a big change at the time it came out. As the years have gone by, I have continued upgrading my Windows versions.. Windows 7 is the only one I haven’t run on my machine yet. I had never really liked the Linux OSes over time. Yet sometimes when you have a slow laptop that heats up like crazy, you have to look around..

So I got my hands on Ubuntu Netbook. It was perfect for my machine as an alternate OS. Very fast, you can surf the Internet and view documents from it; Also helpful when you want to clean up Windows Virus infested Pen Drives. If installed within Windows, I can tinker with files on my Windows file system. My laptop does not heat up too much on it too(On Vista, you can make omlettes by cracking eggs on the back of my laptop) .It has a clean, minimalist look too. It reminded me a lot about the barebones Windows XP version.I feel that Ubuntu Netbook is the perfect alternate OS for people with older computers.

You can download Ubuntu Netbook here

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2 responses to “Ubuntu Netbook: A distraction free no-nonsense minimalist OS

  1. you’re late to start using a linux OS 🙂

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